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Triple SIM - Two SIMs concurrently active
SIM1 is Tri-band
High Resolution Camera 2 Mega Pixels - front & back
Talk-Time >9 hours
Saving on all international calls 50% - 85%

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Serving the Mobile User doing things internationally

EcoGSM is the name given to the specially designed Triple-SIM GSM handset and the managed service for service provisioning of low-cost mobile international calls.

EcoGSM is part of the suite of services offered under the collective name SuperMVNO services.

SuperMVNO services cater to the mobile user who uses voice, data and video facilities, offered by MNO (Mobile Network Operator) of the world deploying 2G, 3G, 3.5G mobile technologies which may be GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPDA, EVDO, CDMA, HC-SDMA etc., especially when the mobile user is making international calls or when he/she is roaming in countries outside the home-country network.

The cost of making international calls from a mobile handset from a home-country network is normally exorbitant but the cost of making an international call or of making a mobile Internet connection when one is roaming outside the home-country network is prohibitively high.

There are special pricing regime being adopted and promoted by regional mobile operator association such as those in EU, Africa and Latin America, to the mobile users of the region. The  special economical price packages are not available to the mobile user traveling into the region  from outside the region.

SuperMVNO services are designed to enable the mobile user to take advantage of the in-region special price offer and/or do better than these special price offers in terms of savings without compromising on service quality, user convenience and experience.

The mobile user can use the SuperMVNO services to achieve optimum savings in any country when making international calls or getting connected to the Internet.

For the ultimate savings as in making international calls Free of Charge, where it makes sense to the mobile user in terms of user experience and convenience, the mobile user can opt for agreeing to give audience or viewing to Mobile Station Based Commercials as a way to pay for the international calls.

Outstanding Features

  • Triple SIM - SIM1, SIM2 & SIM3
    Two SIMs concurrently active  - SIM1+SIM2 or SIM1+SIM3 *
  • SIM1 is Tri-band - works with 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • SIM 1 has support for Bluetooth
  • High Resolution Camera 2 Mega Pixels - front & back
  • Talk-Time >9 hours, Standby Time >480 hours
  • Saving on all international calls 50% - 85%

* In version J1: SIM1 slot is to be used with SIM from local GSM operator, SIM 2 slot is equipped with a EcoGSM-SIM, SIM3 slot is for use with another local SIM.
In version J23:SIM1 slot is to be used with EcoGSM-SIM, SIM 2 and SIM3 are to be used with SIM issued by the local GSM operator or other SIMs.

Come equipped with

  • A EcoGSM-SIM in SIM2 slot (in Version J1) or in SIM1 slot (in Version J23) for
    GSM roaming Voice & SMS services in 170 countries
    • You get a Canada or USA wireline number as your EcoGSM-SIM No.
    • You pay US$0.45/minute or less when you receive a call with EcoGSM-SIM, roaming in 130 countries; the caller pays very low rates for calling your EcoGSM-SIM  saving at both ends
    • You can also have multiple aliases to your EcoGSM-SIM No. which are wireline numbers of up to 50 countries; go to for details
    • Before you go abroad, you can forward all calls to your local telephone numbers to your EcoGSM-SIM No. or the appropriate aliases so as to achieve the optimal cost savings for you in receiving calls and for the caller in calling you
  • Just dial the destination number in format
    +<Country Code>-<Telephone Number>
  • Achieve savings from 55% - 85% on all roaming calls inbound & outbound
  • Special software to control SIM of a local GSM operator in SIM1 slot (in version J1) or in SIM2 or SIM3 slot (in Version J23)  to allow you to opt for making long distance calls through SIM1 (in Version J1) or SIM2 or SIM3 (in Version J23) – in a seamless and transparent calling operation using EcoGSM service for low - cost international telephone calls
    • Just dial the destination number in format
      +<Country Code>-<Telephone Number>
    • Achieve savings of  55% - 85% on all outbound international calls
    • Receive all inbound calls free of charg

The special software, network and server operation that support EcoGSM are able to determine the location of the roaming EcoGSM handset as far as the country and city dialcode of the location is concerned.

It also permits the user of the EcoGSM to instruct the operation support system (OSS) for EcoGSM how best to complete the call by calling the dialed Destination no. and to call back to the EcoGSM handset by dialing one of the SIMs that are operational in the EcoGSM so as to achieve the optimum savings in all situation as far as geographically location and time of day of the call are concerned.

It is an intelligent system that is easy to use and simple to operate.

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