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SuperMVNO Program

A program designed and operated by SuperMVNE, a division of QiiQ Ecocarrier FZE.

SuperMVNO is a name that describes a business entity that offers a suite of managed services to the service subscriber for making low-cost mobile international telephone calls when calling from the subscribers home country or when he/she is abroad. A SuperMVNO is a non-facility based telephone service provisioner and is differentiated from a conventional MVNO in the following attributes:

  1. unlike the conventional MVNO, SuperMVNOs service for making mobile international telephone calls is not limited to a specific or particular country or geographical territory; it is a multi-country global service
  2. SuperMVNO is provided with all the facilities for operational control and management, accounting management and customer relationship management by SuperMVNE, the enabler and service provisioner
  3. A SuperMVNO needs only be concerned with the marketing and selling the managed services for making low-cost mobile international telephone calls

( Notes: MVNO is acronym for Mobile Virtual Network Operator which is given the following definition in Wikipedia. A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a company that provides mobile phone service but does not have its own frequency allocation of the radio spectrum, nor does it have all of the infrastructure required to provide mobile telephone service. A company that does have frequency allocation(s) and infrastructure is known simply as a Mobile Network Operator (MNO). MVNOs are roughly equivalent to the "switchless resellers" of the traditional landline telephone market. Switchless resellers buy minutes wholesale from the large long distance companies and retail them to their customers.)

SuperMVNO services are designed to enable the user to have the greatest savings in

  • making and receiving long distance calls from/at a mobile handset of any kind (GSM, EVDO, CDMA or HSDPA) in any country
  • making and receiving international calls from/at a roaming GSM handset roaming in some 170 countries

without compromising on service quality and reliability and user convenience and experience.

This is achieved by the combined operation of

  • an extensive global roaming agreement
  • intelligent least cost routing for call completion and
  • software and hardware enhancement at the user station (terminal)

SuperMVNO services consist of two major groups of services:

  1. Airello services for global GSM roaming without roaming charges; these consist of
  2. Eco123 services  which are essentially a Call PartyA-Call PartyB- and-Connect-Them service for making low-cost mobile international calls from within any country; these consists of
    • Eco123  with call initiation by dialing an Access No.
    • Eco123  with call initiation by sending a  SMS message
    • Eco123  with call initiation by on-line registration at  Eco123 service portal
    • Eco123  with call initiation by sending a  HTTP Call Request
    • Eco123  with call initiation by sending an email message
    • Eco123  with  Jinni handset for automated call initiation and dialing
    • Eco123  with  SuperChip  for automated call initiation and dialing
    • Eco123 with EcoGSM handset for automated call initiation and dialing
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